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InfoMann asbl

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

InfoMann a.s.b.l.

Nobody has to face a challenge in their life alone. That's why infoMann offers young and adult men, regardless of age, sexuality, religion, origin etc., an open parent, without judgement.

With us you will find a safe space where you can talk freely about what moves you and at the same time be accompanied by responsible decisions for your life. We offer free psychosocial counseling on many different topics, such as:

Relationships (partner, family, friends, work colleagues etc.)

Wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, social, sexual, etc.)





InfoMann is also involved in various educational and public projects to promote a positive discourse about men, boys and masculinity and thus prevent harmful stereotypes.

You can contact us to set up an initial confidential meeting where we can discuss your situation and together determine the best course of action.


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