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Bouneweger Nuechtigailercher

Bouneweger Nuechtigailecher


1981: The Bouneweger Nuechtigailecher were founded to entertain the masses. In 1982 they started to give concerts.

As children of all ages want to participate, there are now three age groups. There are concerts only once a week, for example when the Kleeschen meets in town or when the Christmas market opens in the station.


The children's mass on Christmas Eve in the Bonnevoie church has become a tradition. The Bouneweger Nuechtigailecher were already present at the "Fakelzuch", the bank holidays.


Once a year, a big concert with a coffee buffet and a raffle is organised in the Cultural Centre of Bonnevoie, the profits of which are donated to the choir. At the end of each school year, a party or excursion is organised for the singers.


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