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House of Africa

Maison d'Afrique (founded in 2010) is a reception and training center for people with an immigrant background from outside the European Union (in particular from sub-Saharan Africa). It completes the range of services offered by public structures in order to make possible the empowerment of the person (reception, advice and listening, language courses, translation and interpretation service).

The Maison d'Afrique is also a committed player in Luxembourg and European civil society: it initiates, for example, many forums for discussion. One of the ideas discussed in this context shows that the successful integration of people from the African diaspora depends on their economic adaptation to Luxembourg and their social recognition.

People of immigrant origin are integrated insofar as they contribute to the economy of the host country and their labor contributions are recognized. For the Maison d'Afrique, the integration of Afro-Luxembourgers is necessary in order to develop a sense of citizenship in order to "create society together". By producing innovative tools, the Maison d'Afrique ensures the social well-being of these people from the "visible minority" and their networking.


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