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Unsere Mitglieder: Über den Club

Our Members

Luxembourg Billiard Academy

On June 11, 1987, following the merger between, on the one hand, Cercle de Billard de Luxembourg

Friends of the Catholic Community of Bonnevoie

The Friends of the Catholic Community of Bonnevoie (ACCB) asbl, created in 2016 and member of the Entente des Sociétés de Bonnevoie since 2019, aims to support and promote, while respecting the conscience and welcoming the plurality , the development, work and projects of the Catholic community of Bonnevoie.

French Friendly in Luxembourg

Created in 1962, our non-profit association aims to bring together the French as well as the Francophile friends of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and neighboring countries.

Association of Parents of Preschool and Primary School Pupils Rue Gellé and Rue Vannérus Bonnevoie

Associazione Lucani in Lussemburgo - Bonnevoie section

The Lucani in Lussemburgo Association was created on 28/2/1982 by a group of Italian immigrants from the Basilicata / Basilicata region formerly called Lucania / Lucania.

Bouneweger Nuechtigailercher

1981: the Bouneweger Nuechtigailecher are founded to animate the masses. In 1982 they started to give concerts.

Luxembourg- Bonnevoie Cultural and Popular Education Center

In 1910, two years after the first Association for Popular Education in Luxembourg-City, the Bonnevoie Cultural and Popular Education Center was founded.


Gambit Chess

Founded on March 12, 1936 at the then-Nic Moritz-Bach café on rue du Verger (formerly Baumstraße), the Gambit Bonnevoie chess circle is a well-known chess club in the capital.

Philcolux Philatelic Circle

The Philatélie Constructive PHILCOLUX association was founded on October 4, 1955 at the Hotel Molitor in Luxembourg-Gare.

Choir Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie

The Chorale Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie is one of the oldest societies in the locality. For 106 years it has provided musical support for religious services at the church.

CS GYM-VOLLEY Luxembourg-Bonnevoie

Danzsportclub Rout-Wäiss-Blo Lëtzebuerg

The RWB, created in 1974, is the pioneer club of competitive dance in Luxembourg with an impressive track record, both nationally and internationally.

Dësch-Tennis Union Lëtzebuerg

The Dësch-Tennis UNION Lëtzebuerg was born in 2006 following the merger of the 2 clubs of the capital, the DT BONNEVOIE and the DT HOLLERICH.

Fan Club Alex Kirsch asbl

Fanfare Municipale Lux - Bonnevoie

Prince Henri Marching Band

Zënter 1898 gëtt and "Bouneweger Musek".

Als lokal Blosmuseksgesellschaft mat ongeféier 120 Memberen stäerkt se dat kulturellt Liëwen an de sozialen Zesummenhalt am Quartier.

GYM Luxembourg-Bnnevoie

Handball Club Standard

Den Handball-Club Standard huet seng Haapthaal zu Bounneweg an spillt mat hirer Damen-an Haerenequipe an der AXA-League.

Mann Info

Keen muss all Erausfuerderung an sengem Liewen eleng bewältegen. Dofier offers infoMann jonken an erwussennen Männer, onofhängeg vun Alter, Sexuality, Glawen, Origin, etc. een opent Ouer, ouni Judgment.

Community Social Work Together Station / Bonnevoie

Maison de Jeunes Studio Bonnevoie

Inter-Actions Asbl offers you two services in Bonnevoie: the Ensemble Gare / Bonnevoie service, which is an intercultural exchange service in the Bonnevoie district as well as the Maison de Jeunes Studio Bonnevoie, which targets young people aged 12 to 25.

Young Bonnevoie camera

Our photographic association was founded in 1967.

The Gardeners of Bonnevoie

The Luxembourg League of Coin de Terre et du Foyer (CTF League) has 128 sections spread throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, including 10 sections in the territory of the City of Luxembourg.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Lëtebuerger Guide a Scouten Grupp St. Louis - Ste. Irmine Bouneweg

Maison d'Afrique (founded in 2010) is a reception and training center for people with an immigrant background outside the European Union (in particular from sub-Saharan Africa).

Africa house

Maison d'Afrique (founded in 2010) is a reception and training center for people with an immigrant background outside the European Union (in particular from sub-Saharan Africa).

Luxembourg multi-LEARN         institute asbl

Luxembourg multi-LEARN Institute promotes learning and development in interaction, through social, cultural, educational, professional and linguistic diversity.

Racing Football Club Union Lëtzebuerg

. Racing is the capital's professional football club. It promotes integration and trains many players of all nationalities and different cultures.

Blue Lion Scouts

Société Colombophile Grand-Ducale << Les Vainquers >> Luxembourg

Tennis-Club Bonnevoie

Le Tennis Club Bonnevoie est un club au palmarès prestigieux. Nous sommes fiers d’avoir porté haut les couleurs du Grand Duché de Luxembourg et de la Ville de Luxembourg.



L'enjouement, la sensualité, la créativité, la littérature, les lumières, l'actualité, la volonté de prendre des risques, la conscience politique, la pertinence sociale, le pluralisme et la qualité artistique sont la revendication et la marque de fabrique du petit Kasemattentheater, qui essaie aussi toujours de former une plate-forme artistique pour les expériences et surtout les jeunes créateurs de théâtre.


Wilewitschia Mirabilis

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