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Luxembourg- Bonnevoie

As a local brass band with around 120 members, it strengthens the cultural life and social cohesion of the neighborhood.

The "Bouneweger Musek" is often out, for example on national holidays, commemorations, various parades and the fair, where it marches through the neighborhood together with the Hämmelsmarsch.

The "Bouneweger Musek" plays an important role in the amateur music scene. It is one of the few musical ensembles in Luxembourg to play in the composition of a brass band.


The performance of a high-level brass band repertoire has always been a great challenge, both nationally and internationally: at the gala concert of the Conservatoire and at other concerts in Luxembourg and abroad, during European competitions of the UGDA and during competitions abroad.

D'Bouneweger Music is also the first music from Luxembourg to have its own youth ensemble. In the Prince Henri Fanfare, children and young people from the age of 9 play music. They are trained in the district school of the State Conservatory, with which the music collaborates.

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