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Trade and Companies Register RCS Number: F11303 Filing reference: L170067114 Filed and registered on 04/28/2017



Entente des Sociétés de Bonnevoie Non-profit organization

Cultural Center in Bonneweg 2, rue des Ardennes L-1133 Luxembourg




Art. 1. On April 29, 1952, the associations of the village of Bonneweg came together to form a community under the name of "Entente des Sociétés de Bonnevoie".


II. name, seat, object


Art. 2 The name of the association is the Entente des Sociétés de Bonnevoie, hereinafter referred to as "the Entente". The duration of the association is unlimited.


Art. 3. The seat of the Entente is the Cultural Center of Bonneweg 2, rue des Ardennes L-1133 Luxembourg.


Art.4. The purpose of the Agreement is to promote good understanding and solidarity between the various member associations and to promote their common interests.


Art. 5 The missions of the Entente include in particular the management of the Center Sociétaire and the Center Culturel de Bonneweg on behalf of the municipal administration of the City of Luxembourg and in the interest of the member clubs.


Art. 6. The Entente also has the mission of discussing the problems submitted to it by the member associations with the authorities and public services responsible for resolving them and finding a solution to the best of its knowledge.


Art. 7: The Entente is neutral in political and religious matters.


III Membership


Art. 8. the minimum number of member clubs of the Entente is fixed at five.


Art. 9. Membership of the Agreement is open to any association residing in Bonneweg (Bonneweg Association) whose main activity is philanthropic, social, scientific, cultural, educational, sporting or touristic, and which fulfills the following conditions. Associations whose main activity is of a political, religious, ideological, industrial or commercial nature cannot become members. Also excluded are associations whose main activities are of a professional nature, or which link possible membership to membership of a particular professional group, as well as all interest groups, with the exception of the representation of general interests. of the entire village of Bonneweg.


A Bonneweg association is any association:

at. whose main activities take place in the locality of Bonneweg;


b. which, despite its regional or national activities, carries out a large part of its activities at the headquarters in Bonneweg. An association which only has legal ties (registered office) in the locality of Bonneweg cannot become a member.


Art. 10. The admission of new members is made provisionally by the Board of Directors; it becomes final by decision of the General Assembly.


Art. 11 - Member Clubs are required to comply with the decisions of the General Assembly and the Bureau de l'Entente which concern them.


Art. 12 - Member clubs must immediately inform the Secretariat of the Agreement in writing of any change in the composition of the Bureau.


Art. 13 - Member Clubs pay an annual contribution to the Entente, the amount of which is set by the General Assembly. Member Clubs which have not paid their dues at the end of the year, despite three written reminders, may be excluded from the "Agreement" by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Bureau.


Art. 14. Exclusion/resignation from the "Agreement" can be effected:


at. by voluntary resignation;


b. Exclusion by the board of directors if the association does not pay its annual dues despite a written request to that effect. The expulsion is notified in writing to the official correspondent and to the President of the Club concerned;


vs. Expulsion by the General Assembly in the event of flagrant violation of the aims and statutes of the "Entente". The letter convening the General Assembly must mention the request for exclusion and the Club in question must be given the opportunity to justify itself.


Art. 15 - Member Clubs which have been expelled under Articles 14a and 14b may subsequently be re-admitted, but dues due up to the time of re-admission must be paid in arrears. The relief can only be decided by the General Assembly. The reinstatement of other associations excluded under Article 14c can only be decided by the General Assembly.


Art. 16: The autonomy of the affiliated clubs remains intact and the Entente refuses to intervene in any way whatsoever in the internal affairs of the clubs.


IV. Administration


Art.17. The organs of the Entente are:


a) the Council;


b) commissions;


c) the General Assembly.


a) Board of Directors


Art. 18 The Entente is managed by the Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors is composed of at least 5 members and at most 11 members, chosen from the affiliated clubs (2 members maximum per club).


Art. 19. the Council is elected for a period of 3 years and is renewed each year by 1/3. Retiring members may be reappointed.


Art. 20. If there are more declarations of candidacy than seats to be filled, the election takes place by secret ballot. The candidates who have obtained the relative majority of votes are considered elected.


Art. 21. The board of directors is responsible for allocating the offices of the board. It elects each year among the members of the Board of Directors a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer. With the approval of the majority of the board, a member may hold two positions on the board.


Art. 22: The Council meets as often as the interests of the Agreement require. He carries out the day-to-day work in accordance with the statutes and guidelines drawn up by the General Assembly. It presents an annual report on its activities.


Art. 23 - The council has a quorum when the majority is present. The decisions of the Board of Directors are taken by majority vote of the members present. Abstentions are not taken into account for the required majority. Council members who have a personal interest in a matter cannot participate in the vote. In the event of a tie, the vote of the president or the vice-president is decisive.


b) Fees


Art. 24 - For the accomplishment of its tasks, the Executive Committee may, if necessary, create commissions such as the Local Interests Section, the Sports Commission, the Editorial Board, the Statutes Council, etc. The activity of these commissions can be temporary or permanent.


Art. 25 - The commissions report on their activities to the Executive Council.


c) General Assembly


Art. 26 The General Assembly of the Entente is the body competent to modify the statutes, adopt the annual activity report of the Entente and the financial report, set the annual subscription, elect the members of the Board of Directors, appoint auditors and dissolve the Association.


Art. 27 - The ordinary general meeting is held each year before the end of the first half of the year.


Art. 28 - If necessary, the Board may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time. Such a meeting is also convened if one fifth of the member associations have presented a written request to this effect, signed by the respective presidents, accompanied by a list of the points on the agenda to be discussed.


Art. 29. the date and the agenda of the General Assembly are fixed by the Executive Committee and communicated in writing to all member clubs.


Art. 30. The General Assembly is composed of one voting delegate per member association. A Member Association may delegate its right to vote by proxy. Each voting delegate may accept a maximum of one proxy.


Art. 31: The general meeting is chaired by the chairman of the board of directors or his deputy, or alternatively by a person elected by the board of directors.


Art. 32. The secretary keeps minutes of the deliberations of the general meeting and of its resolutions.


Art. 33 - The quorum of the General Assembly is reached when half of the member clubs are represented by a delegate. Items not on the agenda may be added to the agenda at the request of at least three member clubs.


Art. 34 - The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by open vote with the majority of the votes of the member clubs present, by approval, rejection or abstention. Abstentions are not taken into account for the required majority.


Art. 35 - Amendments to the statutes can only be decided by an Extraordinary General Assembly if at least two thirds of the member Clubs are represented by a delegate. In the absence of a quorum, a second meeting must be convened, the quorum being reached regardless of the number of member clubs present. A modification of the statutes requires a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.


Art. 36 - Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened at the request of at least one third of the affiliated Clubs, provided that this request is accompanied by a detailed statement of the reasons.


Art. 37 - The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors of the Entente. Candidates for election to the Board of Directors must present themselves in writing or orally to the President or his deputy before the General Assembly. If there are more candidates than seats to be filled, the vote takes place by secret ballot.


Art. 38 - The General Assembly appoints two auditors each year, who must belong to different member clubs. The auditors carry out an audit of the accounts before the start of the General Meeting and report on this subject. They can participate in meetings of the Board of Directors without the right to vote.


Art. 39 - The delegates whose Association is in arrears in the payment of the annual contribution do not have the right to vote.


Art. 40. the decisions of the general meeting, with the exception of the elections of the board of directors, are voted on by a show of hands, unless valid reasons justify a secret ballot or unless one is requested.

V. Dissolution of the "Entente


Art. 41. The Entente is dissolved when less than 5 clubs are part of it. Existing assets of the “Entente” will go to charity.

VI Entry into force of the statutes


Art. 42. The present statutes of the "Entente" were adopted by the majority required at the extraordinary general meeting of January 31, 2017 and are effective with immediate effect.

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