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Unsere Mitglieder: Über den Club

Académie de Billard Luxembourg

On 11 June 1987, following the merger between the Cercle de Billard de Luxembourg and the Billiard Club “le carambolage“ Hollerich, a non-profit association was founded under the name “Académie de Billard Luxembourg“, (A.B.L.) with its seat in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie.

Associazione Lucani in Lussemburgo – Bonnevoie section

The “Associazione Lucani in Lussemburgo“ was founded on 28 February 1982 by a group of Italian immigrants from the Basilicata region.

Centre Culturel et d'Éducation Populaire Luxembourg- Bonnevoie

In 1910, two years after the first association for popular education in Luxembourg City, the Bonnevoie Cultural and Popular Education Centre (“Centre Culturel et d'Éducation Populaire de Bonnevoie) was founded.

Chorale Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie

The “Chorale Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie“ is one of the oldest associations in the village. For 106 years, it has provided the musical framework for the services in the church.

Dësch-Tennis Union Lëtzebuerg

The “Dësch-Tennis UNION Lëtzebuerg“ was created in 2006 after the merger of the 2 clubs of the capital, the D.T. BONNEVOIE and D.T. HOLLERICH.

Fanfare Municipale Lux.- Bonnevoie
Fanfare Prince Henri

The “Bouneweger-Musel“ has existed since 1898.

As a local fanfare with about 120 members, it strengthens cultural life and social cohesion in the neighbourhood.


No one has to face all the challenges of their life alone. That is why infoMann offers a non-judgemental hearing to men, young people and adults, regardless of their age, sexuality, faith, origin, etc.


Playfulness, sensuality, creativity, literature, enlightenment, topicality, risk-taking, political awareness, social relevance, pluralism and artistic quality are the aspirations and trademarks of the small Kasemattentheater, which also always tries to be an artistic platform for experiments and especially for young theatre-makers.

Luxembourg multi-LEARN Institute

The Luxembourg multi-LEARN Institute promotes interactive learning and development through social, cultural, educational, professional and linguistic diversity.

Racing Football Club
Union Lëtzebuerg

Racing is the capital's professional football club. It promotes integration and trains many players from different nationalities and cultures.

Vegan Society Luxembourg


ACCB - Les Amis de la Communauté Catholique de Bonnevoie

The “Amis de la Communauté Catholique de Bonnevoie (ACCB)  a.s.b.l.“, founded in 2016 and member of the Entente des Sociétés de Bonnevoie since 2019, aims to support and promote the development, work and projects of the Catholic community of Bonnevoie, in respect for the awareness and welcome of plurality.

Bouneweger Nuechtigailercher

1981: The “Bouneweger Nuechtigailecher“ are founded to provide music for church masses.

In 1982 they also begin to give concerts.

Cercle d'Échecs Gambit

Founded on 12 March 1936 in what was then Café Nic Moritz-Bach in Rue du Verger (former “Baumstraße“), the “Gambit Bonnevoie“ chess circle is a well-known chess club in the capital.



Eis Stad a.s.b.l.


GYM Luxembourg-Bonnevoie


Travail Social Communautaire
Ensemble Gare/Bonnevoie
Maison de Jeunes Studio Bonnevoie

Inter-Actions a.s.b.l. offers two services in Bonnevoie: the Ensemble Gare/Bonnevoie service, an intercultural exchange service for the Bonnevoie neighbourhood, and the Studio Bonnevoie youth house, aimed at young people aged 12 to 25.

Les Jardiniers de Bonnevoie

The “Ligue luxembourgeoise du Coin de Terre et du Foyer (CTF League)“ has 128 sections spread throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 10 of which are on the territory of the City of Luxembourg.

Maison d'Afrique

The “Maison d'Afrique“ (founded in 2010) is a reception and training centre for people with a migration background outside the European Union (especially from sub-Saharan Africa).

Scouts “Les Lions Bleus“


Wilewitschia Mirabilis


Amicale des Français à Luxembourg

Founded in 1962, our non-profit association aims to bring together French men and women and Francophile friends from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and neighbouring countries.

Catch Music asbl


Cercle Philatélique Philcolux

The “Association de la Philatélie Constructive PHILCOLUX“ was founded on October 4th, 1955 in the Hotel Molitor in Luxemburg-Gare.

Rout-Wäiss-Blo Lëtzebuerg

Founded in 1974, the “RWB“ is the pioneer club of competition dance in Luxembourg with an impressive track record both nationally and internationally.

Fan Club Alex Kirsch asbl


Handball Club Standard

The “Standard“ handball club is based in Bonnevoie and plays with its women's and men's teams in the AXA League; it is the only handball club in the city.

Jeune caméra Bonnevoie

Our photo association was founded in 1967.

Lëtzebuerger Guide a Scouten Grupp St. Louis - Ste. Irmine Bouneweg

The “Lëtzebuerger Guiden an Scouten“ are made up of children and young people aged between 7 and 23, who are looked after by trained, motivated and voluntary leaders. The focus of the regular, age-appropriate meetings is group life.

O.P.S.I.L. - Œuvre Philanthropique Scalabrinienne Italo Luxembourgeoise


Tennis-Club Bonnevoie

The “Tennis-Club Bonnevoie“ is a club with a prestigious track record. We are proud to have held high the colours of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the City of Luxembourg.

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