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Choir Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie

The Chorale Ste-Cécile Bonnevoie is one of the oldest societies in the locality and has been providing musical accompaniment to church services for 106 years.     


A predecessor from 1888 did not survive internal quarrels and was disbanded in 1915, giving rise immediately to the present choir.     


After 80 years as a men's choir, recruitment difficulties led to the present mixed choir in 1996 by merging with the "Dammechouer Bouneweg" founded 10 years earlier.                                                                                                      


Excursions since 1925, numerous theatrical performances, concerts in all circumstances and joyful agape testify to a busy society life. 


The musical repertoire of various styles can satisfy all expectations of the audience. But this is only possible because of the two hours of weekly rehearsals on Thursday evenings in the parish hall, which always give the singers great satisfaction.

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